Life is filled with loved ones and what better way to celebrate your special moment, such as an anniversary, with them than to throw a private function or party. Even co-workers can be celebrated. From 50 year wedding anniversaries to a few years of service, anniversaries are a benchmark that should be remembered.

At the Italian Sports Club of Werribee, we can accommodate people for all event sizes at our anniversary venues in Werribee. ISCW has both small and large anniversary function venues for hire. In addition to this, we are able to boast one of Werribee’s leading catering and full a la carte menu that is not only delectable but also designed for customisation to meet affordability and budget standards.

ISCW is treated as a family community, meaning that there is no age restriction to use our function room venues or facilities whether you are planning an event or not.


Finding and securing the right anniversary venue in Werribee is the first and most important step that will determine the overall outcome of the event; from food catering services to the venue’s ambiance, parking, age restrictions, amount of people you can invite according to the venue policy, the planning of a personalised experience and nearby transport facilities.

The best part about using our anniversary venues is that we provide a personalised experienced to go with it through every step until the end of the day of your anniversary celebration. To make the event truly special, get creative with an anniversary party theme and add your favourite decor you’ve had saved up on your pin board.

You do not need to worry about the number of your invited guests – the staff at ISCW can provide comfortable, classy seating, as well as room for dancing.

We have 3 function room venues at the Italian Sports Club of Werribee. The function venue required of course depends on the number of guests you will be inviting. Our flexibility in seating and configuration means we can cater for groups from 25 to 300.

The Presidents Room accommodates up to 25 guests. If you require a much larger space, the Peacock Room caters for up to 40 guests, while the Sala Roma accommodates a minimum of 80 guests and a maximum of 300 guests.


Every detail is provided by our professional and experienced staff. These include:

  • Lecterns and microphones
  • Music and a sound system
  • Cake and gift tables to keep things organized
  • Partitions to create backdrops for photos and decor
  • Licensed bar

However, to meet all your needs for a successful anniversary celebration, our staff are always very happy to discuss and assist with specific requests to create a memorable and personalised anniversary party venue.

The staff will be very happy to discuss specific requests when anyone needs a memorable birthday party venue for hire.

Have a look at our multiple Werribee anniversary venue packages including our venues for hire.


The Italian Sports Club of Werribee has spacious, off-road parking for safe and easy access to the anniversary venue in Werribee.

The sports club provides large and small rooms that are all private function rooms which accommodates up to 300 guests.

The menus are developed by some of Werribee’s most renowned chefs who have contributed to the award-winning reputation of Italian Sports Club of Werribee.

Catering is available in an array of choices for both formal and informal function that meet a range of budgets. This also depends on the function room venue being hired.

The Italian Sports Club of Werribee has no age restriction – everyone else is welcome as well.

No matter the size of your anniversary celebration, with Werribees’s favourite Italian Sports Club of Werribee, you have a piece of mind in planning a successful, accommodating, safe and personalised anniversary function.